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Bombardment and Capture of Fort Pulaski, GA
in the American Civil War

Union Battle Summary

Fort Pulaski, Ga., April 10-11, 1862. U.S. Troops under Maj.-Gen. Hunter. After the capture of the forts at Port Royal the Confederates abandoned all the seaboard cities south of Charleston except Savannah, which was guarded by Fort Pulaski at the mouth of the Savannah river. In Dec., 1861, operations were begun for the reduction of this fort. Capt. Q.A. Gilmore, of the U.S. engineer corps, had direct charge of this work. Eleven batteries were placed on Tybee island, adjacent to Cockspur island, upon which Fort Pulaski was located, and other works were erected on the islands surrounding. The Union force on April 10 consisted of the 46th and 48th N.Y. infantry, the 1st N.Y. engineers, the 6th and 7th Conn., the 8th Me., and the 8th Mich. infantry, the 3rd R.I. artillery and a detachment of U.S. engineers. A company of seamen from the U.S.S. Wabash also manned one of the batteries. Early on the morning of the 10th Maj.-Gen. David Hunter demanded the surrender of the fort. The demand was refused and at 8 a.m. the bombardment was begun, and was continued without interruption until 2 p.m. of the 11th, when the confederates surrendered. The Union loss was 1 killed; the enemy had 3 wounded. The whole armament of the fort, 47 guns, a large supply of fixed ammunition, 40,000 pounds of powder, and a large quantity of commissary stores, came into the hands of the Federals. Some 360 Confederates were surrendered as prisoners.

Source: The Union Army, Volume 5, Cyclopedia of Battles, 1908


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