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Battle of Ezra Church, GA
in the American Civil War

Union Battle Summary

Ezra Church, Ga., July 28, 1864. 15th Army Corps. During the advance on Atlanta and the fighting around that place Gen. J.C. Brown was ordered to attack Gen. John A. Logan and drive him beyond Ezra Church. An attempt was made on the Union forces just as they reached the top fo the ridge upon which the church was situated and the line was carried at several places, but Brown was repulsed. After a little time the Confederate commander sent three brigades of Gen. Clayton's division against Logan, but with the same result. The Union troops had had time to throw up some rude defenses and the fire of the enemy did not effect them as much as in the first assault. After Brown and Clayton had failed Gen. Walthall was sent out by Gen. Hood, commanding the Confederate forces about Atlanta, to engage Logan. Sharp fighting continued from 2 o'clock until dark when Hood withdrew all his forces within the lines about Atlanta. This engagement at Ezra Church was the last fought outside the Confederate works during the campaign. The fight lasted from 11:30 a.m. until darkness fell. Logan reported his loss as 50 killed, 439 wounded and 73 missing. The Confederate loss was 600 killed. Logan's forces also captured 5 battleflags, 106 prisoners and 1,500 to 2,000 muskets.

Source: The Union Army, Volume 5, Cyclopedia of Battles, 1908


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