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16th Wisconsin Infantry

Regimental History
Sixteenth Infantry. — Cols., Benjamin Allen, Cassius Fairchild; Lieut. - Cols., John Bracken, Cassius Fairchild, Thomas Reynolds; Majs., Cassius Fairchild, Thomas Reynolds, William F. Davis, John R. Wheeler, Joseph Craig. This regiment was organized at Camp Randall in Nov., 1861, was mustered in, Jan. 31, 1862, and left the state, March 13, for Pittsburg landing. It participated in the battle of Shiloh, where it was exposed to a heavy fire for the greater part of two days and sustained a loss of 245 men killed and wounded. It took part in the siege of Corinth from April 15 to May 29; also in the second battle of Corinth in October. It was engaged in railroad guard duty from the latter part of Dec, 1862, to the latter part of Jan., 1863, and was stationed at Lake Providence, La., from Feb. 1, to the beginning of August, when it went into camp at Vicksburg until Sept. 28. It was then stationed at Redbone, Miss., guarding fords on the Big Black river and engaging in skirmishes with bands of Confederate cavalry until Feb. 5, 1864, when it again became a part of the garrison at Vicksburg. Its next important service was in the Atlanta campaign, and it was before Kennesaw mountain, occupying trenches and skirmishing during the most of June, 1864. In the battles before Atlanta in July, it sustained a loss of 123 men, killed and wounded. It was occupied in duty at Atlanta until Aug. 26, when it moved forward in pursuit of the enemy, engaged in skirmishes at Jonesboro and Lovejoy's Station, and went into camp at Atlanta on Sept. 8. It was on the march to the sea, took part in the siege of Savannah and in the Carolina campaign was engaged at Beaufort, Whippy swamp, and at Orangeburg, where it crossed the North Edisto, waded through swamps and drove the enemy from his position. It participated in the battle of Bentonville and took part in the grand review at Washington in May, 1865. Part of the regiment was mustered out on June 2, at Washington, and the remainder on July 16, at Louisville, Ky. Its original strength was 1,066. Gain by recruits, 629; substitutes, 88; draft, 174; veteran reenlistments, 243; total, 2,200. Losses by death, 363; missing, 46; desertion, 115; transfer, 38; discharge, 386; mustered out, 1,252.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 4

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