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13th Wisconsin Light Battery
in the American Civil War

Regimental History

Thirteenth Light Battery. — Capt., Richard R. Griffith; First Lieuts., George L. Cross, Alfred E. Chaffee, William W. Perrine, William M. Bristol; Second Lieuts., William W. Perrine, William M. Bristol, Frank Fox, David Kinder. This battery was organized in the fall of 1863 at Milwaukee. One squad was mustered in Nov. 4 and the other Dec. 29. The battery left the state Jan. 28, 1864, reached Memphis on Feb. 1, and New Orleans on the 12th. It was ordered to Baton Rouge and assigned to duty in Fort Williams, where it was placed in charge of 6 heavy guns. On June 17 it was ordered to provost duty in the city of Baton Rouge, but returned to Fort Williams on July 8, taking charge of 7 barbette guns, and on the 10th was completely equipped as light artillery, taking the entire equipment of the 1st Vt. battery, whose term of service had expired. On the 15th it went into camp at Baton Rouge and remained there until ordered home. It was mustered out at Milwaukee, July 20, 1865. Its original strength was 156. Gain by recruits, 32; total, 188. Loss by death, 14; missing, 1; desertion, 25; transfer, 3; discharge, 39; mustered out, 106.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 4

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