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13th Wisconsin Infantry

Regimental History
Thirteenth Infantry. — Cols., Maurice Maloney, William P. Lyon, Augustus H. Kummel; Lieut. -Cols., James F. Chapman, Thomas O. Bigney, Augustus H. Kummel, Charles S. Noyes; Majs., Thomas O. Bigney, Charles S. Noyes, Samuel C. Cobb. This regiment was organized at Camp Treadway, Janesville, and was mustered in Oct. 17, 1861. It left the state Jan. 18, 1862, for Leavenworth and moved from there to Fort Smith, Ark. to join the Southwestern expedition. Upon reaching Fort Scott it was ordered to Lawrence to join the New Mexico expedition, but this was abandoned and it was ordered back to Leavenworth. It was sent to Columbus, Ky., where it was placed on railroad guard duty, and later garrisoned Forts Henry and Donelson. It accompanied an expedition against Clarksville Tenn., where it routed the Confederates and captured a quantity of army stores. It was then employed in scouting and was engaged in a skirmish near Garretsburg, defeating the enemy. It drove Gen. Forrest's forces through western Tennessee, then marched to Stevenson, Ala., where it captured a supply depot and held it until reenforced. It assisted in the successful defense of Huntsville against Forrest and of Decatur against Hood. A detachment of the regiment dispersed the 4th Ala. cavalry at New Market. The regiment fought Hood in his attack on Nashville. Lieut. Wagoner and 35 men of Co. G were captured at Paint Rock river by a force of 400. After the fall of Richmond the regiment was ordered to Indianola, Tex., and afterwards to San Antonio, a march of 145 miles with the thermometer at 100 degrees and many broke down. Through all the seemingly aimless wanderings and hard marches, with few heavy engagements to compensate, the conduct of the men was admirable, and Adjt.-Gen. Gaylord says: "The tireless vigilance which relaxes not, day by day, and week after week although lacking the excitement which accompanies the movement of armies, cannot fail to command our admiration and respect for the 13th Wis. volunteer infantry." It was mustered out Nov. 24, 1865. Its original strength was 970. Gain by recruits, 414; substitutes, 83; draft, 72; veteran reenlistments, 392; total, 1,931. Losses by death, 183; missing, 3; desertion, 71; transfer, 6; discharge, 321 ; mustered out, 797.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 4

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