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44th Ohio Regiment Infantry

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44th Ohio Infantry Soldier Roster - Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866, Volume 4, by Ohio Roster Commission (Joseph B. Foraker, Governor, James S. Robinson, Sec'y of State and H. A. Axline, Adjutant-General), 1886     View Entire Book

Regimental History
Forty- fourth Infantry. Col., Samuel A. Gilbert; Lieut.-Cols., H. Blair Wilson. Lysander W. Tulleys; Majs., Ackber O. Mitchell, Alpheus S. Moore. This regiment was organized at Springfield, from Sept. 12 to Oct. 14, 1861, to serve for three years. On Oct. 14 it moved via Cincinnati, to Camp Piatt, W. Va., and remained in camp all the following winter, quietly drilling. In May, 1862, with another regiment, it penetrated as far as Dublin Depot and destroyed a portion of the railroad track. Hearing that a large force of Confederates was endeavoring to intercept their retreat, the two regiments withdrew to Lewisburg, where the enemy appeared and was not only repulsed but routed, leaving most of his dead and wounded to fall into the hands of Union troops, together with 3 pieces of artillery and many prisoners. Being sent to Kentucky the regiment partook in the engagement of Dutton's hill in March, 1863, charging the Confederates and contributing materially to their rout. In Jan., 1864, 550 men out of 600 reenlisted, and when they again reassembled it was under the name of the 8th Ohio cavalry, in the sketch of which organization their further history will be found.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 2

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