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2nd Ohio Militia

Regimental History
Second Militia. Col., John F. Wiltsee; Lieut.-Col., George C. King; Maj., A. C. Horton. On or about Sept. 2, 1862, Maj.-Gen. Lew Wallace, by order of Maj.-Gen. H. G. Wright, then in command of the Department of Ohio, assumed command of the cities of Cincinnati, Newport and Covington and the defenses thereof, then threatened by the Confederate forces under Gen. Kirby Smith. Martial law was at once declared and the citizens called upon to turn out en-masse to erect fortifications and defenses on all the approaches leading to the cities of Newport and Covington. Gen. Wallace finding himself without any available military at his command for immediate defense, caused the 2nd regiment reserve militia which had been organized under the militia law of the state in July, 1861, to be immediately mustered into the service of the United States and sent to the front to protect the workmen in the intrenchments and on the fortifications. It served the government faithfully during its 30-days' service, being on duty day and night nearly the entire term of enlistment, rendering most valuable service in protecting the working parties and doing picket duty in sight of the enemy. The regiment was mustered out at Cincinnati, April 30, 1865, to date Oct. 4, 1862.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 2

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