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34th New York Independent Battery

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34th New York Independent Battery Soldier Roster - Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of New York For the Year 1893, Volume 15     View the Entire Book

Regimental History
Thirty-fourth New York Independent Battery. — Capts., Thomas L. Robinson, Jacob L. Roemer. This organization, known as the "Hamilton" or "Flushing battery," was recruited at Flushing, L. I., by Capt. Robinson, the artillery company of the 15th militia forming its nucleus. It was mustered into the U. S. service for three years on Nov. 28, 1861, and was assigned to the 2nd N. Y. artillery as Co. L on Dec. 5. It served as a light battery, detached from its regiment, being permanently detached and designated the 34th battery on Nov. 19, 1863. Capt. Robinson was discharged on March 4, 1862, and was succeeded by Capt. Roemer. A majority of the original members reenlisted as veterans and the battery was continued in service as a veteran organization. It left the state on Dec. 2, 1861; was stationed at Washington until the following summer; was in action for the first time at Cedar mountain, with the 2nd brigade, 3d division, 2nd corps; took part in Gen. Pope's campaign and the battles about Manassas; and was then assigned to the 9th corps, with which it served for the remainder of its term. It was active at Jefferson, Sulphur Springs, Fayetteville and Fredericksburg, and in 1863 accompanied its corps to Mississippi, where it took part in the siege of Vicksburg, and was then engaged at Jackson, Miss., Blue Springs, Lenoir Station, Campbell Station, Siege of Knoxville and Rutledge, Tenn. Returning to Virginia in the spring of 1864, it took part in Grant's Wilderness campaign, including the battles of the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, the Totopotomy, Cold Harbor and the assault on the works of Petersburg in June, where it lost 7 men wounded. It was engaged without loss at the mine explosion and at Poplar Grove Church, but met with a loss of 3 killed and 3 wounded at Hatcher's run in Oct., 1864. At Fort Stedman in March, 1865, its casualties were 5 killed and wounded. From June 16, 1864, to April 2, 1865, it was before Petersburg, where it sustained a loss of 13 wounded. The battery was mustered out at Hart's island, N. Y. harbor, June 21, 1865, having lost 7 killed and mortally wounded, and 15 men died of disease and other causes; total, 22.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 2

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