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1st New York Battalion Sharpshooters

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1st New York Battalion Sharpshooters Soldier Roster - Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of New York For the Year 1893, Volume 16     View the Entire Book

Regimental History
First New York Battalion Sharpshooters. — Majs., W. S. Rowland, Joseph S. Arnold; Capts., Abijah C. Gray, Volney J. Shipman, 6th company; Joseph S. Arnold, Clinton Perry, 7th company; Edward G. Robinson, Alfred Perry, John B. McDonald, 8th company; Thomas S. Bradley, 9th company. This battalion as finally organized consisted of four companies, the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. A 10th company was originally enlisted for nine months' service and was organized under Capt. Charles M. White, Jan. 13, 1863. In April, 1863, its term of service was changed to three years, but the company was never completed, its members being transferred in June, 1863, to the 9th company, the Enfants Perdus, and the 178th N. Y. infantry. The 6th, the flank company, 108th N. Y. infantry, was recruited and organized at Rochester, and there mustered into the U. S. service for three years, Sept. 13, 1862. It was mustered out under command of Lieut. Philip Hysner, June 3, 1865, at Washington, D. C. The 7th. Co. L, 112th N. Y. infantry, was organized at Jamestown, and there mustered into the U. S. service for three years on Sept. 12, 1862. It was mustered out under command of Capt. Clinton Perry, near Washington, June 3, 1865. The 8th company was recruited at Buffalo, Hudson and Chatham and was mustered into the U. S. service for three years, Jan. 22, 1863, at New Dorp. Staten island. It was mustered out near Washington, D. C, commanded by Capt. McDonald, July 10, 1865. The 9th company was recruited at Albany, Hudson, Canaan, Hinsdale and New Lebanon, rendezvoused at New Dorp. Staten island, and was there mustered into the U. S. service for nine months. Commanded by 1st Lieut. Warren Blinn, it was mustered out at Albany, Aug. 5, 1863. The companies left the state on Feb. 3, 1863; served with the 7th corps during the siege of Suffolk; with the 1st corps, Army of the Potomac, in the Mine Run campaign, sustaining a loss of 8 men killed and wounded during the year; and in 1864 were attached to Cutler's division, 5th corps, with which they fought through Grant's Wilderness campaign leading up to the siege of Petersburg. The loss at the Wilderness was 35 killed, wounded and missing; at Spottsylvania, 14; at the North Anna, 9; at Cold Harbor, 6; in the first assault on Petersburg, 17; and at the Weldon railroad, 53, of whom 49 were captured. The battalion was again engaged at Hatcher's run, in October, but without loss. After Nov., 1864, it served in the 3d division, 5th corps, but unattached, and took part in the final Appomattox campaign, being engaged at White Oak ridge, Five Forks, the final assault on Petersburg, and Appomattox Court House. The total losses of the battalion by companies were as follows: 6th Co. — 10 killed and mortally wounded, 9 died of disease, total, 19; 7th Co. — 12 killed and mortally wounded, 8 died of disease, total, 20; 8th Co. — 5 killed and mortally wounded, 14 died of disease, total, 19; 9th Co.— died of disease, 1 officer and 5 men.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 2

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