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29th New Jersey Infantry

Regimental History
Twenty-ninth Infantry. — Cols., Edwin F. Applegate, William R. Taylor; Lieut.-Col, Joseph K. Davison; Maj., Joseph T. Field. This regiment was raised in Monmouth county and rendezvoused at Camp Vredenburg, located on the old battle-ground near Freehold. It was mustered into the service on Sept. 20, 1862, and left for Washington on the 28th, with 39 officers and 866 enlisted men. Reaching Washington on the 30th, it went into camp on East Capitol hill, where it was permanently brigaded with the 21st, 24th and 31st N. J. regiments, under command of Col. Robertson of the 24th. Cos. A, F, D and I patroled the city of Fredericksburg while the conflict raged along the slopes, and remained on that duty until the stormy night of Dec. 15, when they were the last to withdraw, crossing upon the upper pontoons under a fierce cannonade from the enemy, which, however, did not inflict a single casualty. The division of which the regiment formed a part held an important position in the early days of the Chancellorsville campaign without drawing on a serious engagement, though picket firing was steadily maintained, and having accomplished its purpose in diverting the enemy's attention from the right of Hooker's army recrossed the Rappahannock on May 2 under a heavy fire from the Confederate batteries, the regiment losing 7 men killed or wounded. The term of service having expired, the regiment marched with the brigade to Washington, while the remainder of the army pushed on to overtake and vanquish Lee in his northward movement. Leaving the capital on June 17, it reached Freehold two days afterward, where it was mustered out on the 28th. The total strength of the regiment was 958, and it lost during its term of service by resignation 4, by discharge 63, by promotion 6, by transfer 3, by death 40, by desertion 17, mustered out 825.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 3

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