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1st New Hampshire Cavalry

Regimental History
First Cavalry. — Col., John L. Thompson; Lieut. -Col., Benjamin T. Hutchins; Majs., Arnold Wyman, Joseph F. Andrews, John A. Cummings. Cos. A, B and C of the 1st N. H. cavalry were mustered in from April 19 to 23, and D, E, F and G from June 25 to July 21, 1864, at Concord, for three years' service. I, K, L and M were transferred from the 1st N. E. cavalry, as mentioned in the previous sketch. The regiment was mustered out July 15, 1865, at Cloud's mills, Va. It numbered 1,533 men, of whom 210 were transferred from the 1st N. E. cavalry. It lost 23 killed, or died of wounds, and 106 from other causes. On May 17, 1864, the regiment joined the Army of the Potomac and took part in the battle of Cold Harbor on June 2. During that month it was almost constantly in action, campaigning in Virginia. From June 30 to Aug. 8 it had a short rest at City Point. On Aug. 24 the companies recruited in June and July joined the regiment and all were engaged at Kearneysville the next day. Moving then through Virginia, the regiment participated in ten different actions during September and October. The records show that the 1st participated in engagements at twenty-seven places in Virginia, in which state most of its time was spent. In Wilson's raid on the Weldon railroad it was in action every day for a week. At Tom's brook, Va., Oct. 9, 1864, it made a gallant attack and was complimented by Gen. Custer, who sent an officer to tell Col. Thompson that his troops had "saved the day." Its history is of repeated brilliant charges, bravery on the part of officers and men and conscientious performance of duty. 

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 1

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