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3rd Minnesota Light Battery
in the Civil War

Regimental History
Third Light Battery. Capt., John Jones; First- Lieuts., John C. Whipple, Horace H. Western; Second-Lieuts., Don A. Daniels, G. Merrill Dwelle. This battery was organized in Feb. and March, 1863, was ordered to Camp Pope in June, and participated in an Indian expedition under Sibley. The Indians having treacherously shot Dr. Wiser in the back July 23, while ostensibly talking over matters, the 4th section of the battery joined the pursuit, cleared the Indian camp with shells, and continued to shell them in a running fight of 15 miles. The 1st section joined in the fight of the 26th and on the 28th drove the Indians across the Missouri. On the return, when Sauk Center was reached, the 4th section under Lieut. Dwelle was ordered to return to Fort Abercrombie with Gov. Ramsey, who was on the way to make a treaty with the Chippewa Indians at Red Lake river crossing. The 1st section wintered at Fort Snelling, the 2nd at Pembina, the 3d at Fort Ridgely, and the 4th at Fort Ripley. All but the 2nd section joined Sully's expedition to the Yellowstone in 1864, and were at Tahkahokuty mountain, the 1st section being in advance, the 3d on the rear and left flank, and the 4th on the right flank. The 4th section dislodged a large body of Indians in ambush, killed 40 or more, and the 1st section drove them from the front. Continuous skirmishes were had with the Indians, while crossing the Bad Lands, and on the return the veterans were distributed among the garrisons on the frontier. In May, 1865, the 4th section accompanied an expedition to Wood Lake and in June the 1st, and and 4th sections joined the expedition to Devil's Lake, Dak. On Oct. 1, the battery was ordered into winter quarters the 1st section to Fort Abercrombie, the others at Fort Wadsworth. It was then ordered to Fort Snelling and was mustered out Feb. 27, 1866.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 4

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