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10th Illinois Cavalry Reorganized
in the American Civil War

Regimental History
Tenth (Reorganized) Cavalry. Col., James Stuart; Lieut. -Col., Eagleton Carmichael; Majs., Thomas D. Vredenburgh, George A. Willis, William A. Chapin. The reorganized regiment being ordered to New Orleans, La., left Brownsville, Ark., March 16, 1865, and took boats at Devall's Bluff for Greenville, La. While at the latter place the Confederate ram Webb passed New Orleans in its endeavor to get to sea, but finding this impossible she was run ashore about 10 miles below the city, where her crew, attempting escape in the swamps, was with one exception captured by a detachment from the regiment which was sent in pursuit. On Nov. 22, 1865, the regiment was mustered out and sent north via Galveston and New Orleans, reaching Camp Butler Jan. 1, 1866.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 3

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