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2nd Alabama Infantry
in the American Civil War

Regimental History
SECOND ALABAMA— (Infantry). The Second was composed of companies which flocked to the seaboard at the first call of the State, and enlisted for a year. They organized at Fort Morgan in April 1861, and remained in garrison there till March 1862, manning the heavy artillery. Ordered to Tennessee, the term of service expired at Fort Pillow, and it was disbanded. Two or three companies almost intact joined other organizations ; but the mass distributed themselves among new regiments, and infused a leaven of discipline into their ranks.

FIELD AND STAFF. Colonel. — Harry Maury of Mobile. Lieutenant Colonel. — Hal C. Bradford of Jackson. Majors. — Philander Morgan of Talladega; resigned. D. P. Forney of Calhoun. Adjutant. — J. B. McClung of Madison.

Captains, and counties from which the companies came. Calhoun. — D. P. Forney ; promoted. William M. Hames. Pickens. — Thomas C. Lanier. Franklin. — John Goodwin. Jackson. — Alexander M. Saxon. Monroe. — George W. Foster. Clarke. — Stephen B. Cleveland ; resigned. A. R. Lankford. Mobile. — W. C. Fergus. Mobile. — .... Watson. Mobile. — Ed. McDonald ; resigned. A. H. Jennette. Mobile. — . .. . Taylor ; resigned. J. B. Y. Lefebvre.

Regimental history taken from "Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record and Public Men. From 1540 to 1872." by W. Brewer, 1872



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