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Civil War Soldiers - Van Vliet

Van Vliet, Stewart, brigadier-general, U.S. Army, was born in the state of New York, and was a cadet at the U. S. military academy from July 1, 1836, to July 1, 1840, when he was graduated and became second lieutenant in the 3d artillery. He served in garrison at Fort Columbia, N. Y., 1840; in the Florida war, 1840-42; being engaged against the Seminoles in several skirmishes; and was in garrison at Savannah, Ga., 1843-46. He served as first lieutenant in the 3d artillery from Nov. 19, 1843, to Dec. 24, 1853, in the meantime participating in the Mexican war, being engaged in the battle of Monterey and the siege of Vera Cruz and serving as quartermaster of the 3d artillery from March 28 to June 4, 1847, when he was commissioned captain of staff and assistant quartermaster. He was on quartermaster duty with the Missouri mounted volunteers, building posts on the Oregon route, 1847-51; was stationed at St. Louis, Mo., 1851-52; Fort Brown, Tex., 1852-53; Brazos Santiago, Tex., 1853-54; Fort Brown again, 1854-55; was on the Sioux expedition from April 3, 1855, to July 17, 1856, being engaged in the action of Blue Water; was on special services in Utah, 1857; at New York city, 1857-58, and at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., 1858-61. On Aug. 3, 1861, he was commissioned major of staff and quartermaster "for fourteen years' service as captain," and acted as chief quartermaster of the Army of the Potomac from Aug. 20, 1861, to July 10, 1862. He served as brigadier-general of volunteers from Sept. 23, 1861, to July 17, 1862, and was stationed at New York city from the latter date to March 31, 1867, furnishing supplies and transportation to the armies in the field. He was brevetted lieutenant-colonel, colonel and brigadier-general, U. S. A., Oct. 28, 1864, for faithful and meritorious services during the rebellion; was commissioned brigadier-general of volunteers March 13, 1865, and on the same date was given the brevets of major-general of volunteers for faithful and meritorious services during the rebellion, and major-general, U. S. A., for "faithful and distinguished services in the quartermaster's department during the war." On July 29, 1866, he was commissioned lieutenant-colonel of staff and deputy quartermaster-general, and on Sept. 1, of the same year, he was mustered out of the volunteer service. He then served as depot quartermaster at Baltimore, Md., from April 18, 1867, to May 13, 1869, and as chief quartermaster of the Division of the Atlantic from June 15, 1869, to June 1, 1872. He was commissioned colonel of staff and assistant quartermaster-general on June 6, 1872; served as chief quartermaster of the Department of Missouri from Oct. 28, 1872, to July 13, 1875; of the Philadelphia depot of quartermasters' stores until Nov. 8, of the latter year; as inspector of quartermaster's department, with headquarters at Washington, D. C., from Nov. 12, 1875, to Jan. 22, 1881, when he was retired from active service. Gen. Van Vliet died March 28, 1901.

Source: The Union Army: A History of Military Affairs in the Loyal States 1861-1865, Volume 8 Biographical, 1908

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