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Civil War Soldiers - Tuttle

Tuttle, James M., brigadier-general, U.S. Army, was born in Summerfield, Ohio, Sept. 24, 1823. He received a public-school education, removed to Farmington, Ia., where he engaged in agricultural and mercantile business in 1846, was elected sheriff in 1855, county treasurer in 1857, and recorder in 1859. At the outbreak of the Civil war he was commissioned lieutenant-colonel of the 2nd Ia. infantry, and on May 17, 1861, was promoted colonel. In Feb., 1862, he led the charge of his regiment on Fort Donelson and his troops were the first to enter the Confederate works. In this charge he was wounded in his sword arm, but he continued in command of his regiment. At the battle of Shiloh he commanded a brigade, with which he fought at the sunken road, afterward known as the "Hornet's Nest" because of the resistance offered the Confederates by his troops. For gallantry in this engagement he was promoted brigadier-general of volunteers, June 9, 1862. After the surrender of Corinth he commanded for some time a division in that vicinity. During the siege of Vicksburg he had command of a division in the 15th army corps under Gen. Sherman, and at the first capture of Jackson he executed a flank movement, which compelled the Confederates under Gen. Johnston to retreat across the Pearl river, leaving their artillery, which he captured. In the same year, while at home on a short furlough, he received the Democratic nomination for governor of Iowa, but was defeated. He resigned his commission in the army in June, 1864; was a second time defeated for governor; served several terms in the legislature; engaged in farming, real-estate operations and pork packing till 1877; and was subsequently engaged in mining operations. Gen. Tuttle died at Casa Grande, Ariz., Oct. 24, 1892.

Source: The Union Army: A History of Military Affairs in the Loyal States 1861-1865, Volume 8 Biographical, 1908

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