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Civil War Soldiers - Crittenden

Colonel, Corps of Infantry, C. S. A., March 16, 1861.
Brigadier general, P. A. C. S., August 15, 1861.
Major general, P. A. C. S., November 9, 1861.
Resigned October 23, 1862, and continued to serve as a volunteer during the war.
Died at Danville, Ky., November 27, 1880.

Brigade composed of the Sixteenth Mississippi, Twenty-first Georgia, Twenty-first North Carolina, and Fifteenth Alabama Regiments Infantry, and Captain Courtney's Battery of Artillery, Longstreet's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.
Assigned command of District of East Tennessee and military operations in East Tennessee and Kentucky, December 8, 1861.
Commanding Confederate forces at battle of Fisher's Creek, or Mill Springs, Ky., January 19, 1862.
Commanding District of East Tennessee and military operations in East Tennessee and Kentucky.
March 29, 1862, assigned command of Reserve Corps, Army of the Mississippi.
Commanding Trans- Alleghany Department, May 31 to June 22, 1864.
September 5, 1864, relieved of command of troops in East Tennessee ; commanding as colonel.

Crittenden, George Bibb, born in Kentucky, appointed from Kentucky cadet United States Military Academy, July 1, 1828; graduated twenty-sixth in a class of thirty-three.
Brevet second lieutenant, Fourth Infantry, July 1, 1832.
Resigned April 30, 1833.
Captain, Mounted Rifles, May 27, 1846.
Major, March 15, 1848.
Cashiered, August 19, 1848.
Reinstated, March 15, 1849.
Lieutenant colonel, December 30, 1856.
Brevet major, August 20, 1847, for gallant and meritorious conduct in the battles of Contreras and Churubusco, Mexico.
Resigned June 10, 1861.

Source: Military Records of General Officers of the Confederate States of America, by Charles B. Hall, 1898

Crittenden, Thomas L., major-general, U.S. Army, was born in Russellville, Ky., May 15, 1819, studied law under his father, was admitted to the bar, and was elected commonwealth's attorney in Kentucky in 1842. In the Mexican war he served as lieutenant-colonel of Kentucky infantry, and was volunteer aide to Gen. Taylor in the battle of Buena Vista. He was from 1849 to 1853, under appointment from President Taylor, consul to Liverpool, then returned to the United States, resided for a time in Frankfort, and afterwards engaged in mercantile pursuits in Louisville, Ky. Espousing the Union cause at the beginning of the Civil war, he was commissioned brigadier-general, Oct. 27, 1861. At Shiloh he commanded a division and won by gallantry on that field promotion to major-general of volunteers, being assigned to command of a division in the Army of the Tennessee. He commanded the 2nd corps, forming the left wing of Gen. Buell's Army of the Ohio, served afterwards under Gen. Rosecrans in the battle of Stone's river, and at Chickamauga commanded one of the two corps that were routed. He was afterwards given command of a division of the 9th corps, Army of the Potomac, and operated with that corps in the campaign of 1864. He resigned, Dec. 13, 1864, but was afterwards commissioned by President Johnson colonel of the 32nd U. S. infantry, and in 1869 was transferred to the 17th infantry. He was retired by reason of his age, May, 1881. Gen Crittenden won by gallantry at Stone's river the brevet of brigadier-general in the regular army, which was conferred on him, March 2, 1867. He died at Annandale, Staten Island, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1893.

Source: The Union Army: A History of Military Affairs in the Loyal States 1861-1865, Volume 8 Biographical, 1908

Crittenden, Thomas T., brigadier-general, U.S. Army, was born in Alabama about 1828. He served in the Mexican war, from Aug., 1846, to Sept., 1847, as 2nd lieutenant in Willcock's battalion, Mo. volunteers, settled afterwards in Indiana, and at the beginning of the Civil war enlisted for three months as captain in a regiment of which be became colonel, April 27, 1861 the 6th Ind. volunteers. He took part with a detachment of his regiment in the battle of Philippi, and the regiment was reorganized in September, under his command, for three years' service. He was promoted brigadier-general of volunteers on April 28, 1862, and served until May 5, 1864, when he resigned. He was taken prisoner at Murfreesboro on July 12, 1862, and was not released till October.

Source: The Union Army: A History of Military Affairs in the Loyal States 1861-1865, Volume 8 Biographical, 1908

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