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Civil War Soldiers - Carroll

Carroll, Samuel S., brigadier-general, U.S. Army, was born in Washington, D. C, Sept. 21, 1832, and was graduated at West Point in 1856. Beginning his military service in the 10th infantry, he was promoted captain, Nov. 1, 1861, became colonel of the 8th Ohio volunteers, Dec. 15, 1861, and served in the operations in western Virginia from Dec, 1861, to May, 1862. From May 24, 1862, until Aug. 14 of that year he commanded a brigade in Gen. Shields' division, was engaged in the northern Virginia campaign, in the battle of Cedar mountain, and was wounded in a skirmish on the Rapidan, Aug. 14, 1862. He commanded a brigade at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, receiving the brevet rank of major for his services at Chancellorsville, and being brevetted lieutenant-colonel for services at Gettysburg. He won the brevet of colonel in the battle of the Wilderness, and in the engagements near Spottsylvania was twice wounded and disabled for further active service during the war. He was promoted brigadier-general of volunteers, May 12, 1864, and on March 13, 1865, was given the brevet ranks of brigadier-general and major-general U. S. A. for gallantry at Spottsylvania and services during the war, respectively. Gen. Carroll was mustered out of the volunteer service, Jan. 15, 1866, was from June, 1866, to April, 1867, on recruiting service, and in 1868 was acting inspector-general of the division of the Atlantic. He was retired as brevet major-general, June 9, 1869, "for disability from wounds received in battle." He died in Washington, D.C., Jan. 28, 1893.

Source: The Union Army: A History of Military Affairs in the Loyal States 1861-1865, Volume 8 Biographical, 1908

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