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Civil War Soldiers - Alvord

General Benjamin AlvordAlvord, Benjamin, brigadier-general, U.S. Army, was born in Rutland, Vt., Aug. 18, 1813, and was appointed from Vermont to West Point military academy, in which he was graduated with the class of 1833. Being brevetted second lieutenant in the 4th infantry, he served in the Seminole war (1835-1837), and was then instructor in mathematics and physics at West Point until 1839. He was then engaged in frontier, garrison and engineer duty until 1846, when he participated in the military occupation of Texas, and subsequently in the Mexican war. For gallant conduct in several affairs with guerrillas at Paso Ovejas, National Bridge and Cerro Gordo, he was given the successive brevets of captain and major, and was then chief of staff to Maj. Lally's column on the march from Vera Cruz to the city of Mexico in 1847. On June 22, 1854, he was made paymaster, and served as such until 1862, when he became brigadier-general of volunteers, having command during the war of the district of Oregon. Resigning this position, he was brevetted brigadier in the regular army in 1865, and was made paymaster-general in 1872. On July 22, 1876, he was made brigadier-general and paymaster, a position which he held until 1880, when, after over 46 years of service, he was retired at his own request. He died in 1884. Gen. Alvord, during the later years of his life, wrote several treatises on mathematics, and numerous essays and reviews which have become popular.

Source: The Union Army: A History of Military Affairs in the Loyal States 1861-1865, Volume 8 Biographical, 1908

* Photo courtesy of Library of Congress



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